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Home Heating fuels

#1 and #2 Fuel Oil Delivery Kentucky & Indiana

Heating Oil is used in furnaces and boilers in houses, commercial properties and municipal buildings in Kentucky and Indiana. #1 and #2 heating oils are similar in composition to diesel fuel and offer a great form of heat for a low price.

Our customers have two options for heating oil deliveries. Will Call and Automatic Delivery. Will call lets the customer order fuel as they need it, managing their own tank. A 100 gallon minimum is required for will call deliveries. Automatic fill puts all the monitoring on Jacobi Oil. We will monitor and fill your tank as needed.

Kerosene Delivery

Kerosene is a popular fuel oil used for heating and as source of light because it doesn't combust like gasoline. We sell and deliver dyed and clear kerosene around Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana. Give us a call for your Kerosene needs.

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