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Keep Your fuel tanks Full

Your diesel, gas and lubricant delivery solution.



Jacobi Oil works with local farmers to keep them supplied with all the fuels necessary to have profitable seasons. We supply tanks and deliver fuel and bulk oil products as needed to meet their demands. Our 24-hour on-call delivery is especially important to our agricultural customers during the planting and harvesting seasons.



Jacobi Oil delivers fuel to large and small construction sites. Our on-call delivery is especially important to our construction customers. This allows them to more easily adjust their work schedules to the weather conditions.

We also loan our job site trucks and double wall fuel tanks to construction projects and trucking companies to ease fueling mobility on site.

Emergency Services


When emergencies happen we go to work. Our teams supply fuel during emergencies to hospitals, utility services, and other companies who run backup generators to keep business going.

We also help with fueling trucks for firestations and other emergency crews who need to respond during crisis.

Fuel Retailing


Jacobi Oil Service delivers fuel to groceries, convenience stores, gas stations and marinas for retailing. We have valuale relationships with independent and major refiners which allow us to deliver the highest quality petroleum products at extremely competitive prices ​​

Government Agencies


Jacobi Oil is a supplier to federal, state, and local governments. We provide fuel to schools, County Sheriff Departments. State Police agencies, state parks, state administrative fleets, transit authorities, and many other local, municipal, metropolitan, and federal agencies

Marine Services


Jacobi Oil is certified by the United States Coast Guard to deliver fuel over the Ohio River. We currently deliver diesel fuel and lubrication oil to riverboat casinos, dredges, towboats and recreational craft.



The local transportation industry relies very heavily on petroleum deliveries by Jacobi Oil Service. We are very happy to work with their schedules and our pricing arrangements with our petroleum suppliers allow us to be very cost competitive



Jacobi Oil Service keeps businesses up and running 24/7. Whether you have fuel storage tanks for special equipment or you have a generator for emergency situations, we can deliver the type of fuel you need when you need it.

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